My love for light and the outdoors began when I was a child. Growing up on a small farm in the rural South, there wasn't much to do except explore my surrounds. I loved being outside, wandering around on the farm. I think back on my childhood and the freedom and beauty of that time a lot. I remember my first camera, a small Canon 35mm film camera with a wrist strap. I photographed everything in my world, from the cows to my little dachshund dog, and I regularly documented any special family occasion. Once in college, a photo degree seemed to fit, and after college the yearning for freedom and adventure called again. I traveled around a bit, always with my camera in tow, and found myself consumed by the natural beauty and life in Colorado. I only was meant to come for a short winter season visit 12 years ago and never left!!!

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years now. The camera has continuously allowed me to zoom in on so many wonderful life moments, big and small, in others lives as well as in my own. I take a journalistic approach to my wedding and family photography. Taking time to get the traditional shots, but focusing more on the in between intimate moments in our lives, and the natural setting that surrounds us. Those small moments along this grand adventure are often over looked but are what keep us together, in love, and make our lives so special. It makes me feel ever more connected and inspired to be invited to capture these authentic moments in peoples lives. 

Shoot me an email and let’s go on an adventure!! 



More About Me

-I drink my coffee from a unicorn mug.

-I grew up on a small farm in south Georgia, not to be confused with Atlanta.  

-Nature is my nurture.

-The mountains are always calling. 

-It turns out, the desert calls too!!

-My dog is also a unicorn.  (Out other dog..we haven’t quite figured out yet..)

-I am a virgo.

-Everything is better with beer. 

-I like camping, bikes, relaxed jogging, and rollerblading.

-Cooking and eating real food is also my jam. 

-Thrift stores are my sanctuary. 

-My car has been nicknamed the Wedding Wagon (not by me.) 

-I love my family.  

-I love capturing this life;) 



Marianne currently resides in both Denver, CO and Sedona, AZ with her partner Max and two dogs, Atlas and Calli. Taking advantage of two beautiful places, and living the best of both worlds.